Album Progress

May 17, 2007 · Print This Article

The recording, mixing, mastering are done! Final touch-ups on the artwork are in progress, then it’s off to the manufacturer.

The album is called, “Five Years and Many Miles.” The title is a tribute to the time my wife and I spent in New York City. We moved to NYC just a couple weeks prior to 9/11, and moved away from the city a couple months after the five year anniversary of that history-defining tragedy. One of the pieces on this album is called “Five Years,” because it was written on 9/11/06, the five year anniversary of the terrorist attack.

It is an incredibly rewarding, time consuming and educational process to produce, record and manufacture your own music. The music industry is changing, and for independent musicians like myself, the change is for the better. Distribution is more accessible. Manufacturing is more accessible. Recording tools are more accessible. But, the goal of capturing emotion through music is still constant. The music is still the focus, the magic and the energy that keeps everything moving forward.

It will be an interesting adventure to have this album with a home base of Hawaii, rather than NYC, but so far everyone has been more than welcoming as I’m making the musical adjustment to being in Hawaii.

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